Why You Should Favor a Fever

Conventional medicine often views a fever as an enemy to be vanquished–quickly–with drug intervention. Alternative healers take a decidedly different view. I don’t view most fevers as a problem. It is stimulating your immune system to defeat the virus. If you eliminate the fever, you can prolong the flu. Even though fever is good, however, you don’t want it to get too hot. If your temperature is higher than 104°F, you should see a doctor.

There are several ways to reduce a fever without the use of pharmaceuticals or over-the-counter drugs. A quick way to reduce fever is to drink a cup of yarrow tea every few hours. Your fever should be reduced after you’ve had two or three cups. Both feverfew and elderberry have long been used to help calm fevers as well. These can be taken in pill or capsule form, however, if you choose elderberry, drink some tea every few hours.

Recently I have been introduced to doTERRA essential oils and I love them! A few weeks ago my 15 month old daughter had a fever while cutting teeth. I put two drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball and applied it to the bottom of her feet and within minutes her temperature dropped a couple of degrees.


If you are interested in how you can implement using essential oils in your health regimen please feel free to ask me any questions. I am a big fan and have incorporated them into my life in many different ways. I had always used them as aromatherapy but now I have been using them as a treatment tool. It is important to note that these are 100% pure essential oils and many can be ingested. These are NOT the same as oils found in health food stores and those are typically NOT safe to be ingested.

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