A Weekend of Revelation

Have you ever thought that you knew your purpose in life and worked your way toward it only for a new purpose to present itself? That seems to happen to me a lot but this past weekend may be the best one yet and absolutely the most important. I had recently decided to start a new program that will expand my knowledge on chiropractic care for prenatal care for women and pediatrics. During my first class we watched videos on childbirth both in a hospital setting and a home setting. Being a Doctor of Chiropractic I know the importance and fragility of the nervous system especially in a newborn child and I was completely flabbergasted by the utter disdain that babies are handled with during childbirth. It seems as if there is total disregard of the lasting effects that doctors can inflict on children during the process. In multiple videos (some of which are actually teaching videos for OB’s) the baby’s head is pulled, twisted, turned and cranked on before the doctor could even possibly know which direction the body is facing. It was horrifying. 

I had a six hour trip home so I had lots of time to think about what is happening to our children right out of the gate. I had decided on my way home that I was going to start giving those babies a voice. I am going to start empowering the parents to ask questions and state their wishes and create a birth plan that is right for their family. I am going to start educating parents on choices they can make that are best for their children. As a doctor my job is to EDUCATE! It is not to tell patients what they should do but to educate them on their options and the pros and cons of each, let THEM make an informed decision. As I am thinking all of this it suddenly occurred to me….How many times had patients asked me how chiropractic worked and my response to them was don’t worry about how it works just know that it does. I suddenly realized that I had been being one of THOSE doctors! 

Then just when I thought I had it all figured out (again) I arrived home only to find out that a close family friend had been diagnosed with cancer. I must have hit my tipping point because these two things combined have been all I have thought about since. I am being consumed with one question, “What the hell are we doing to ourselves?” So over the last 4 days I have made it my mission in life to educate people on what we are doing to ourselves. I realize that all I can do is give people the tools they need to make healthier choices but that it is up to them to make those choices. I hope to be able to break down research into a language that everyone can understand and then begin utilizing the information. I have already thought of many subjects that I would like to go into but I welcome any ideas that you may have in mind. A few things that I plan to discuss are the effects of the use of plastic, chemicals, and artificial sugars. I don’t think that as a society we look at these things as hazardous to our health so my goal is to educate people on safer ways to store food, clean, and eat. 

There are so many toxins in this world that there is simply no way to eliminate all of them but we can definitely eliminate as many as we can! Let’s do this together and create a healthier life for our families! 

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