15 Ways To Love Your Child

  1. Take time to listen to your children. Consider their point of view and respect it.
  2. Focus on your children’s good qualities and praise them. Avoid negative labels.
  3. Encourage individual differences between your children; point out their special talents. Avoid comparing your child to others.
  4. Hug your children even when they’ve done something wrong. Hugs help chase the little hurts away.
  5. Read together. Even older kids enjoy hearing a good story.
  6. Praise your children for all the good things they did today and every day. Recognize effort and improvement with a kind word.
  7. Say “I love you” to your kids daily. You can never tell your children you love them too many times.
  8. Remember to love your children just as they are.
  9. Encourage your kids to participate in family talks.
  10. Talk over problems; it makes them easier to handle.
  11. Be open and honest about your feelings; your children will learn these qualities from you.
  12. Follow through on your promises. When you can’t, explain why.
  13. Apologize when you are wrong. Parents don’t have to be perfect.
  14. Respect your children and their needs. Children will learn respect if they are treated with respect.
  15. Listen to your kids…Laugh…and laugh with them.

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