New Year’s Resolutions

So how did New Year’s Resolutions come to be? I have often asked myself this very question. The very next question I ask myself is why do I “resolve” to do something every year and then fail? 

New Year’s resolution is a tradition found throughout the world dating back to ancient times. A person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement. The origin of making New Year’s resolution rests with the Babylonians, who reportedly made promises to the gods in hopes that would earn good favor in the coming year. Turns out that they often resolved to get out of debt. Hmmmmmmm. That sounds familiar to me. I don’t know about you but I have “resolved” to get out of debt and I am pretty sure you can guess how that has worked out for me……I am still in debt! I have also “resolved” to lose weight and guess what? I am still trying lose weight. 

I have found that I make New Year’s resolutions and then never stick to them, so this year I am resolving to NOT make New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I have decided, to make goals that I would like to accomplish this year. Realistic goals, using baby steps. And as I reflect on 2015 I hope to see progress in each area that I have created a goal. Why beat myself up at the end of the year only to make more unrealistic resolutions? It is a vicious cycle and for me it ends now. I encourage everyone to try this with me. If you must make resolutions then enlist your friends to keep you accountable. When you keep your resolutions to yourself then there is no one there to keep you accountable. You are more likely to stay accountable to someone else than you are to yourself. It is sad truth but one we must all face. So set goals or shout your resolutions from the rooftops. Either way let’s be “partners in progress” this year. Expect nothing more than progress. Progress will eventually get you to your goal!  

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