Confessions of a Mom

This is written by Jenny Poor.

I am going to admit a wrong doing that I did 6 ½ years ago. This confession isn’t so you will feel sorry for me or so you can tell me that it is ok. My reasoning behind all of this is so hopefully I can shed some light on the effects of poor choices moms sometimes make.

On November 18, 2008 I gave birth to a handsome, funny, quirky, empathetic, wonderful, awesome little boy, Cooper. However, I made a decision the week before he was born that I truly think has affected his whole life. I decided to be induced. Was there a risk of life on either of our parts? No. Was he getting too big? No. So what was the reason? You ask. I had two very selfish reasons…1) My OB was going home (out of state) for Thanksgiving (the week Cooper was originally due) and his partner was going to be on call. His partner is a very competent doctor, but he wasn’t MY doctor. He didn’t know my quirks. 2) This is the best reason if you ask me (insert extreme sarcasm there), I didn’t want to be in the hospital for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday). Yep, true selfishness right there on both reasons.

As most moms know and soon-to-be moms learn, a babies lungs are the last thing to develop when in utero. However because I was in the “safe” zone of 38 weeks my OB said “Ok, be at the hospital at 7am on the 18th and we will try induction”. Don’t get me wrong, I am not placing any blame on the OB. I take full blame for this. I should have researched the effects of induction, I should have put my “big girl panties” on and sucked it up and had Cooper when my body and he said it was time.

Fast forward 6 ½ years & here I am on a beautiful weekend in July with Cooper who has a cold that has settled in his chest. Have you ever tried to keep an otherwise healthy 6 ½ year old still? You would have better luck nailing Jell-O to the wall. Whenever he gets a cold or allergies kick in they will go straight to his respiratory system. When this happens, Cooper ends up with his notorious “snot rockets” when he sneezes, a dry wheezy cough, and dark circles around his eyes due to lack of sleep because the boy can’t breathe. Every time this happens I am reminded that it is because of that choice of convenience that I made.

So why am I telling you this? I writing this for a few reasons. I am writing this to encourage moms-to-be to research when you decide to induce for convenience sake. The majority of us have access to the internet and can find a ton of information on induction. Also, talk to other moms about their experiences. We aren’t shy when it comes to talking about labor and delivery! I am writing this to hopefully help the other moms who were induced that have kids like Cooper. Lastly, I am writing this for ALL moms that have ever made any kind of mistake. It’s ok! We, as moms and parents for that matter, are not perfect. If you made a mistake, FIX it and stop beating yourself up over it. I for one am going to forgive myself (the Lord knows I have given myself a 6 ½ years guilt trip over it) and work to fix the problem. Is Cooper going to get better over night? No, the problem didn’t come to this point over night, so why should it happen that quickly? However, through good nutrition, supplementation, other natural ways, and with God’s help we will fix the problem.

With all things concerning your health and the health of your family, I encourage you to research all of your options and be your advocate and the advocate of your family.

2 responses to “Confessions of a Mom

  1. Jenny,
    While I agree whole-heartedly that we as moms are responsible for making good decisions for our children, born or unborn, I don’t agree that your being induced can be given as the sole reason for your son’s respiratory history. I say this from my experience. Our son was born full term, 3 days late actually. I was NOT induced and yet, we struggled for 11 years. We went through everything from loss of hearing because of fluid on his ears to painful allergy testing to having inhalers and albuterol nebulizers on hand at ALL TIMES! He has tubes in his ears more times than I can keep track of and had been on medication, both prescription and natural since he was 2. In the long run we did what we had to to keep him healthy and to continually research options. After 11 years, he was healed. Not because of anything we DID or DIDN’T do but because it was his time to outgrow it. Every life is created PERFECTLY. That doesn’t mean there won’t be trials, but you can’t definitively blame something you did or didn’t do for his ailments.
    I hope this didn’t come off as a negative comment as I was trying to encourage you not to feel like you are to be blamed for his circumstance. Thanks for sharing your story. Hearing others stories makes it even easier to see that sometimes it is out of our hands!

  2. Jenny,
    This confession or information is such a necessity now more than ever. As more and more mothers to be are choosing to induce. Without being completely aware of what the decision may cause. Thank You for sharing!
    I wish that drs would be less for induction and more for lets do this on babies time. I find in speaking to parents to be that their drs are scheduling deliveries more and more these days. They will find reasons… any reason… and make it seem like a necessity. When, it is clearly not. As a mother of 5 ~ totally different pregnancies and babies all born on their own time table aside from the one that I fell with and sort of had a self induction. It really makes me want to become a birth educator, doula and breast feeding consultant so I can help mothers to be by empowering them to know their own bodies and realize that they can do it! They can do it without medical intervention… babies will come out! They do not stay in there forever… LOL
    and pain meds can actually cause labor to stall or last for hours or days longer than their bodies would have naturally done. There is so much stored in my noodle that I would LOVE to share!
    Thanks again for posting!

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