My Little Buddy

As written by Jenny Poor

Warning: Be advised there is sensitive material at the bottom.

On January 7th 2016, I found out I had round worms.  This came as a surprise to me, as I consider myself to be a clean person.  After doing further research, I learned that most people probably have parasites.  If you eat out; if you have indoor pets; if you live on a farm; if you get dirty river or lake water in your mouth; if you get bitten by certain bugs; you have been exposed to parasites.  These are not the only ways to get parasites; they are just some of the more common ones.   I don’t know when, where, or how I got them.  I just know that I did.  It could happen anywhere anytime and it is next to impossible to pin point when you get them.

Given that this was new experience for me, it was a total shock to find a 12 inch worm in the toilet after I went #2 (forgive me; I’m a mom of young children).  In fact, I usually don’t even check what comes out when I poop.  I just wipe, flush, and wash my hands and really don’t give it a second thought.  I’m thankful that I did look that day.  We are guessing that my little buddy and his friends came to join me about a year ago.  Worms usually grow about an inch a year and my guy is approximately 12 inches long.  Don’t believe me, come visit me at the office, he is usually hanging out in my lab in his jar of formaldehyde.

Most people who meet “Wormy” usually ask me if I had any symptoms.  Looking back now, I did have symptoms, but didn’t know what they were symptoms of.  One such indicator included not being able to get a good deep breath.  When round worms are introduced into the body, they take up residence in the lungs, which would explain the difficulty getting that deep breath that I experienced.  When they mature they swim into the blood stream and find their way to the digestive system where they like to hang out and make it extremely difficult for a person to absorb nutrients and stay healthy.  Another manifestation of this parasite was that my saliva and urine pH usually ran on the alkaline end of things and no matter what I did, I could not get it balanced.  I know what you’re thinking… ‘Oh, great here is a pH loving quack! Doesn’t she know you can’t change blood pH?!?’  For those of you nay-sayers I’m not talking about BLOOD pH (that’s a WHOLE different newsletter), I’m talking about URINE and SALIVA pH.  Through diet & lifestyle adjustments you can change urine & saliva pH.  As I stated earlier, no matter what I did I could not get my alkaline pH balanced.  When a person is alkaline their digestion is extremely slow and the food is usually rolling around and fermenting in the gut and basically rotting.  Parasites LOVE this!!!  It’s like an all you can eat buffet for them.  One of the last symptoms I kept having and couldn’t find a reason for were headaches.  They would keep popping up for no reason; especially about 2 weeks before Wormy made his way into the porcelain bowl.  We were really starting to get worried as to why I was having these headaches.  My diet was good, I was active, I was doing all of the right things, but these dang headaches would not quit!  Once I passed Wormy the headaches pretty much stopped.  I still get an occasional one, but I can usually pinpoint the cause and fix it.

As you can imagine, when this parasite made its appearance, I was kind of freaking out.  I will admit that my knee-jerk reaction was to call my MD.  However, I got to the office with Wormy in hand (really a jar), and talked to Dr. Cammie about my options.  We did a little research, and found that there are several natural options that we had that have proven to work well in eliminating parasites.  I decided I would try these natural ways and if they didn’t work I would call my MD and get a prescription for an anti-parasitic.  Fast forward 2 months later and 1 stool test and I am no longer a host to any round worms!  All of the symptoms listed above have disappeared and the pH is balanced for the first time.

After all of this was said and done, I realized that if I hadn’t checked my poo, I would have never known that I had parasites.  I encourage you to start checking what is in the toilet after you go poop.  In fact, you should check ANYTHING that comes out of your body…you never know what you’re going to get.  Knowledge is power, be empowered!




2 responses to “My Little Buddy

  1. so is there something we can take to deworm our bodies? We deworm our pets!

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