Letting Go

This has been a year of letting go. Letting go of things both willingly and unwillingly. Letting go can be difficult for some of us so we tend to avoid it. The question I ask myself is why is it so hard to let go of things? There are even things that I hold onto that I know are not good for me whether it be relationships, material things, or even feelings for that matter. I find myself being cluttered mentally, emotionally, and physically and yet I can’t let go. 
This year alone I have seen friendships end, changes in the workplace, and most recently our town has experienced loss due to massive flooding. The loss that I see due to the flooding is staggering. There are people who have lost their homes and others who have lost their businesses. The town itself looks different and yet the people in it have come together beautifully. I have had loss due to the flood in my little space in the world and yet I am blessed because it could have been so much worse. I still have a roof over my head, clothes in my closet ( ok, so they sit on my dryer), and I am still able to see my patients. These are blessings that many others lost less than two weeks ago and their lives will forever be changed, however, the town will recover and the people will recover. 
I think sometimes it takes devastating things to happen in order to bring the positive change needed. We don’t have to understand the process but we do have to trust it.

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