5 Things That Make You Happy

I have been listening to podcasts for the last several months and with the New Year a lot of them are reviewing 2018 and setting intentions for 2019. Last week I was listening to one (I believe it was Rachel Hollis’ Rise podcast) and one of the things she said to do was list 5 things that make you happy. When was the last time you asked yourself that question? I don’t think I have ever asked myself that question so I started to try to list stuff. It is really hard! I am still working on this list a week later and I haven’t gotten too far. So I got to thinking that we as a society (or maybe it is just me) focus on all the things that we “have” to do that we forget about the things that make us happy. So in 2019 I am committing myself to doing more of the things that make me happy and saying no to more of the things that don’t serve me. With this being said I realize that there are things that we sometimes have to do that we don’t want but that doesn’t have to be the majority of the things that we do. So I want to hear from you. What are your 5 things that make you happy?

I love to work and enjoy it so it is one of my 5 things that make me happy. Over the last couple of years I have found that my focus is changing and I want to reach more than just the people I come in contact with everyday. One way to do that is through social media. I have been wanting to consistently blog and serve for the last several years and as you can see it hasn’t stuck so this year will be different. I want serve by providing information and inspiration for those of you that are searching. The name of this blog is Get Well. Stay Well. but it will probably encompass lifestyle and my journey. Beware I “squirrel” a lot! Anything shiny distracts me so this blog could be on anything at any given time. Lol! I have so many things that I still want to learn and one of the best to learn is to teach. So bear with me and enjoy the ride!

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